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Madison Near,

Masterpiece Art

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Maddy is an expert at making learning active and fun.

Name: Madison Near
Phone: (559)974-2964
Email: maddyshort79@gmail.com

Carrie Morris,

Masterpiece Art

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Owner and Head Instructor of Masterpiece Art, Carrie Morris brings color, flair, and love to every class. 

Contact Carrie:



Bethany Hinkle,

President of Bluedoor Ed

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President of the Board of Directors, Project Manager, and Director of Business and Operations at Bluedoor Education.

  • Oversees decisions concerning facilities

  • Monitors financial decisions, plans long term financials, and oversees budget

  • Oversees daily student schedules and tracks enrollment

Jessica Quintana,

Day by Day Spanish

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Jessica Quintana earned her degree in Spanish with Honors at U.C.Davis and completed her teaching credential at Sacramento State University. She has taught Spanish to preschoolers, adults, and every age in between. She is passionate about helping students to develop a love for other languages and cultures, sharing tools and resources that help learners grow, and spreading the message that anyone can learn a new language! You can find out more about her at  daybydayspanish.com.



Devyn Cottrell,

Del Corazon Dance

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Devyn is a bright and enthusiastic teacher and the owner of Del Corazon Dance Studio. She is excited to bring her expertise and experience in physical education and dance to Bluedoor Education.




Anne Weiland,

Communication Tools for Youth

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Communication Tools is an educational service dedicated to helping students develop their thinking and communication skills in all subject areas. Anne Weiland has a Bachelor of Science degree and has successfully home educated her children, and has been coaching competitive speech and debate and athletics for 15 years.

Email: communicationtoolsforyouth@gmail.com


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Kylie Raby,

Full STEAM Ahead Ed
Math & Music

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Kylie Raby's kindness and enthusiastic spirit pours throughout the classroom. Kylie has an amazing way of presenting academic topics in an engaging way is just one of her specialties. Kylie's  degrees in both math and music help her to weaves performing art through any subject. 



Katie Burns,

Full STEAM Ahead Education

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Founder and Director of Educational Services at Bluedoor Education and owner of Full STEAM Ahead Education.


Katie instills her passion for Science, Technology, and Art into the classes she teachers and administers through the Full STEAM Ahead Education company.

Contact Katie:


765-FL-STEAM (765) 357-8326

David Keller,

Mr.Code's Wild Ride

Coding & Programing

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David Keller was a software developer for nine years at various tech companies, including Zillow and Microsoft. He found his passion for coding at a computer camp when he was 13 years old, and now he wants to help others find that same passion. He graduated from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology with a degree in computer science. He enjoys playing board games, hiking up mountains, and visiting remote islands.


(916) 668-4887

Kate Brennan,

Refuge Life Services

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For the past five years I have taught within the homeschool community, creating curriculum dedicated to creative learning. As someone who has worked with youth for over twelve years and now owns Refuge Life Services, it is my joy to offer classes that focus on helping youth find their voice, self-discovery, and personal development. I am passionate about teaching classes that are engaging and hands-on for the student to learn what they are truly capable of.



Aubrey Muffett,

Full STEAM Ahead Ed

English & Theater

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Aubrey Muffett is a graduate from William Jessup University with her degree in English. Story-telling is her passion, creating art both through writhing and directing youth theatre productions. Most of all, she enjoys working with students to help them find their voices and express themselves.

Tiffany Madden,

Edventure Classes

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Tiffany is passionate about growing students in their educational confidence. Through the Edventure classes, she incorporates a literature rich curriculum with hands-on activities that provide the building blocks for a lifelong love of learning. She loves to encourage students to adopt question asking and answer seeking behaviors and to dive into new and interesting concepts through the lens of adventure and experiential learning.


Ben Hartung,

Hartung Classes

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Ben Hartung grew up in a musical family, was playing violin at the age of 5 and cello by the age of 10. He spent most of his growing up years in classes learning all the facets of orchestral
music. He began to play for musical pit orchestras at the age of 15 as well as participating in various theatre groups and Musical History Drama Productions and he knew that theatre was his passion. He has played the roles of Motel Kamzoil (Fiddler on the Roof), Willy Wonka, Bennie Southstreet (guys and Dolls) He 
received a full double scholarship to William Jessup where he
traveled with the choir and orchestra and played in several of their musical productions. His favorite role was the role of LaFou in Beauty and the Beast. Ben has an eye for staging and theater and loves to create great productions. He is the co-founder of the Placer County Youth Orchestra and when not on stage can be found in a pit orchestra, conducting or teaching.



Margie Hartung,

Hartung Classes

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Beginning violin lessons at 7 and piano at 10, Margie Hartung progressed on as a Music Major at Western Baptist College where she studied private voice, violin, and piano. For 12 years she created the orchestra programs in the Eureka School district and at Horizon Charter school but stopped to restructure and create the Placer County Youth Orchestra, a full symphonic, 60-member youthorchestra. In addition to the Youth Orchestra, Margie teaches privately, is instrumental music director at Live OakWaldorf School and also directs the PCYO Intermediate and Basic String orchestras. Her other love is History and in 2004 she created the “Musical History Drama” class that combines
music, drama, dancing and history to create a multidimensional way to teach history. She has played and been involved with the music end of over 50 musicals her love of theater combined
with history is one of her greatest passions. She loves teaching and sharing the language of music with others. On a personal level, she home educated all five of her children and loves to mentor and teach with principles and values that are consistent with the concepts intrinsic to the homeschool community.



Coltin Miller,

Full STEAM Ahead Ed

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Coltin Miller is one of our mathematics teachers with a passion for the subject and an eagerness to pass that passion to his students. He graduated from William Jessup University with a baccalaureate in Mathematics and a Minor in Bible and Theology in May of 2019. He is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Mathematics. As a homeschooled student himself, Coltin brings an understanding of personalized learning to the classroom. 

Coltin is a second degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won, a traditional Korean martial arts, and began testing for his third degree black belt in May 2019. Coltin proudly considers himself a geek and loves watching and playing movies, shows, and video games. He loves Lemoncello almonds and despises coffee and all things seafood.

To pay for Coltin’s classes, make POs/Certificates out to Full STEAM Ahead Education

To contact Coltin: cozeque@gmail.com

Caitlyn Camacho,

Movement & Dance

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Caitlyn is a skilled choreographer & dance teacher from Northern California. Dancing and training for over 16 years, the art form has grown into a deep passion for her. Caitlyn thoroughly enjoys giving back to the community through the vehicle of dance. She has trained in various styles and began competing at the age of 9. Hip hop became her first infatuation at the age of 12, which motivated her to pursue further training. In 2014, Caitlyn advanced her discipline in hip hop by training under well-known choreographers/dancers, Keone and Mari Madrid, from World of Dance. Shortly after, the opportunity to begin teaching at a theater company fell in place, which began her choreography career for musical productions. Currently, Caitlyn is the choreographer/coach for the hip hop company, The Project at Pamelot A School Of Dance. She thoroughly enjoys sharing her love of dance.

Contact Caitlyn:



Cindy Voigt,

Help for Students Tutoring

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Hello. My name is Cindy Voigt. I teach math and science at Bluedoor. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Humboldt State University in which my major was Mathematics and Physical Science (Physics). I am currently a student of Masters of Math Education through Purdue University distance learner program, I will complete this Spring 2020. I was in the teacher prep program in my bachelor degree but decided to leave that program and venture into engineering. I worked as a Process Engineer in the Semiconductor/ Computer industry for about 8 years. I worked for Micron in Boise, Idaho and then Watkins-Johnson in Santa Cruz, California. About 8 years ago I was called back to teaching and began tutoring students of friends and family. I realized I had a passion for educating and inspiring the next generation in math and science. I want to help fill the gap for homeschool parents in these subjects and inspire the next Maxwell’s and Einstein’s of this generation. I have worked for several small co-ops in the Auburn/Grass Valley area and have many individual students. Excited to join you on your education journey

Contact me: at helpforstudentstutoring@gmail.com or (530) 613 – 2720.

Bob Sweat,

History & English

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After serving as a pastor, Bob embarked 25 years ago into a new career, teaching middle school students. English and history, are the areas of Bob’s passion. Making the classroom not only a place to learn, but also have fun while you learn, is Bob’s goal as a teacher. In addition to classroom teaching, Bob has also served as a principal. He also teaches English 1A at a local college.


Bob has a BA in New Testament Theology from Azusa Pacific University

Master of Education Administration from Grand Canyon University

Master of Teaching from Grand Canyon University

Master of Education in Curriculum and Reading from Grand Canyon University

Contact: rasjr826@yahoo.com