Fall 2021 Registration is currently closed.

To see the Fall Schedules, click the buttons below.

Registration fees FAQ

  • Registration fees are charged per class.

  • Fees for registration are paid to Bluedoor Education Center.

  • Bluedoor Education is not a vendor for charter schools. Only private funds can pay registration fees.

  • Class fees are separate from registration fees. Class fees are paid to the vendor that provides the class, not to Bluedoor.

  • You may pay registration fees over time by selecting a payment plan.

  • Registration fees are non-refundable after August 10th 2021.

  • Fail to pay registration fees or class fees will prevent future registration

Already Enrolled?

  • Sign into your Bluedoor Registration dashboard, here. You will need to login to your BluedoorJumbula account to see the dashboard.

  • To see your students' class schedule click on the schedule icon (looks like a calendar) next to your student's name on the dashboard. 

Course fees FAQ

  • Class fees are separate from registration fees and always paid to the vendor that provides the class.

  • Class providers (aka vendors) accept charter funds and private payments.

  • To find the cost and the vendor name, see the PDF schedule buttons found on this page.

  • Course fees include online course access and materials that are no non-refundable after September 7th 2021.

  • To find a list of vendors and contact info, click here.

  • To find a list of classes, prices and vendor contacts, click here.

  • Families should read over the Bluedoor Parent Handbook to get familiar with our procedures and expectation.